CT Kenpo Karate Instructors

All photographs of our current instructors by Vincent Gogluicci Photography

Professor Wayne Tanguay – 6th Degree

Professor Wayne Tanguay, 6th Degree Black Belt, has been with CKK since 1998 and is the Business Manager and a Chief Instructor for our programs. He was a previously a senior instructor at our sister school, East Hampton Kenpo Karate, under Sifu David Nokes dating back to the 1980’s. Professor Tanguay is also ranked 5th degree black belt in Modern Arnis. Professor Tanguay has was inducted into the U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2012. He is a board member of NEMATA, the organization that monitors, trains and promotes black belts within our martial arts system.

Professor Lee Anne Brophy – 6th Degree

Professor Lee Anne Brophy, 6th Degree Black Belt, is the Program Director and Chief Instructor for our children’s programs. She is the founder and coach of CKK’s Scorpion Demo Team. They are a group of highly skilled youngsters who have performed martial arts demonstrations throughout the Hartford area. Ms. Brophy is also ranked 4th degree black belt in Modern Arnis. Professor Brophy is also a board member of NEMATA.

Sifu Mitch Pinardi – 5th Degree

Sifu Pinardi, 5th Degree Black Belt, received his belt in 1997 from CKKS. He was the previous owner of Gilford Kenpo Karate and has since joined our studio as an instructor. He returned to CKKS to share his knowledge to our students as well as to broaden his martial arts teaching abilities.

Sifu Bernie Feeney – 3rd Degree

Sifu Bernie Feeney, 3rd Degree Black Belt. Sifu Feeney is an excellent instructor and presents a wealth of knowledge on everyday situational self defense. Sifu Feeney brings years of experience as a sports coach dealing with young people. He is also a Modern Arnis Brown Belt.

Sifu Melissa Mulcahy – 2nd Degree

Sifu Melissa Mulcahy, 2nd degree Black Belt. She started our program as a Dragon and progressed through all ranks up to Adult Black Belt. She also studies Brazilian Juijitsu and has the rank of blue belt. She adds a unique point of view to our instructor base. Melissa was also a member of our Scorpion Demo Team for many years and is now an assistant coach alongside Professor Brophy.

Sifu Nicholas Grondin- 2nd Degree

Sifu Nick Grondin, 2nd Degree Black Belt. He started our program as a little dragon and progressed through the rank of Adult Black Belt. He adds unique point of view to our instructor base. He also was a member of our Scorpion Demo Team. Sifu Nick is currently a Graduate student at Lousiana State University and is mainly with us during school breaks.

Retired Instructors

Karate Instructor ~ Forrest Doyle

Forrest Doyle

Sifu Forrest Doyle – 5th Degree

Sifu Forrest Doyle, 5th Degree Black Belt has over 30 years experience in both Kenpo Karate and Tae Kwon Do. As a co-founder of CKK with Sifu Divid Nokes in 1991, he has karate accessible to hundreds of people over the years. He has since retired from teaching.

Karate Instructor ~ Scott Hoffman

Scott Hoffman

Sifu Scott Hoffman – 4th Degree

Sifu Scott Hoffman,4th Degree Black Belt is the first student to start as a Little Dragon and continue through the ranks to become an Adult Black Belt. He was one of the Scorpion Demo Team He is also a Modern Arnis Black Belt. Sifu Scott now runs two of his own schools, a mixed martial arts program and a Parkour program.

Karate Instructor ~ Sabrina Santos

Sabrina Santos

Sifu Sabrina Santos

Sifu Sabrina Santos, Black Belt. Sabrina started our program as a Dragon and progressed through all ranks up to Adult Black Belt. Sabrina was also a member of our Scorpions Demo team for many years. She is currently an education major at CCSU and has taken a leave of absence from teaching martial arts.