Ranking Requirements

Little Dragons

Little Dragons are provided with patches each month as a reward for good listening and attendance.

Little Dragons can and have achieved their yellow belts while still in this class.


All Other Levels

Each Level is designed to be challenging to the student’s age and attention level.


Each Belt Sheet has requirements that are broken down into three levels.

·         1st Red Stripe shows a basic understanding of about 1/2 of the material on the requirement sheet.

·         2nd Red Stripe shows an understanding of all the material on the requirement sheet.

·         Black Stripe (3rd Stripe) shows a working knowledge of the material on the belt sheet with a level of proficiency.  Once the 3rd stripe is earned, the student is eligible to participate in promotion night.

Beginner Dragons are reviewed each month on their skills to determine eligibility for another stripe.

Advanced Dragons, Juniors and Adults are reviewed constently for eligibility.

Promotion Nights are held one Monday per month and family members are invited to attend and celebrate the success of the students.